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Tunnel Engineering was established in 2007 specialising in General Engineering and has grown to include professional and engineering staff of over 15 employees.

Our goal is to maintain ongoing relationships with our clients which are achieved by:
   •   Our passion to do excellent professional engineering services
   •   All employees to perform services in a timely manner
   •   Deliver quality products to our clients• specifications

We deliver products to the following industries Mining, Railway and Power Stations and are ISO9001:2008 certified. Tunnel Engineering is a level three contributor as per the department of Trade and Industry Code of Good Practice and also ISO accredited by TUV.

We offer the following services:

   •   Turning / Machining
   •   Milling
   •   Drilling
   •   Hydraulics
   •   Welding

   •   Fitting

At Tunnel Engineering, we take pride in our precision turning capabilities. We machine shafts, bushes, impellers, pump housings and bearing housings to client specifications. We also machine split bushes, white metal bearings, pulleys, gear blanks, pipe fittings and flanges and pump sleeves. We also machine all kinds of thread form and taper to the required specification given to us in a drawing.

Our milling services are highly specialized. Tunnel Engineering mills key ways, gears, slots, indexing, surface mill and counter bores.

Our Mechanical Products & Services division oversees repair and maintenance to exhausts, compressors, vacuum pumps, brake cylinders, gearboxes and water pumps.

We repair and manufacture all cylinder components including machine rods, pistons, glands, barrels, valve blocks, ports, cavities and clevises. We also replace seals and do multi stage testing on all hydraulic cylinders.

Valve Banks:
We repair valve banks and set the check valve.

Power Packs and Compressors:
Tunnel Engineering services and repairs compressors and changes pistons and exhausters.

We offer a full repair, pair and test service for all makes of hydraulic pumps. This includes replacing worn gears.


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